New Finish Line

Last Wednesday morning Eleanor and I learned of the passing of a greatly loved and very popular member of St Josephs Hospital Staff, Tommy. Tommy was only 57 and his sudden death came as a great shock to all his colleagues and the residents of St Josephs. In light of this the decision was made to postpone the Circle Of Life exhibition, which was due to take place yesterday and today in glór.

Our new date for the show is 25/26 June. This we have decided, while happening under very sad circumstances, is ok. We will try to produce a better show than we would have done for this weekend, even though we were ready to go and had the logistics of installing and the tech side organised.

On the plus side I have 40 memory cards made and will try to add 10 more by our new June date. I will be masters free by then (cannot quite comprehend this) and will enjoy resolving our exhibition without the other areas I’ve been dividing my time between being a factor. The power of the memory cards is in the numbers. Each is a glimpse into a conversation I or Eleanor has had with a resident or staff member. If you think of how many staff and residents are within the walls of St Josephs it becomes clear why volume is the key to the power of the memory cards.

IMG-2048 (1).JPG
Some of the memory cards for our COL memory wall installation

Eleanor had arranged the found objects and had perfected her story telling performance. I had been looking forward to seeing this and I am going to ask her if she wants to try out performing and I will be her audience. We had booked a morning with Eddie, sound and lighting technician extraordinaire in glór for last Thursday, so we went ahead with our meeting despite the postponing of the show. Eddie spent 2 hours patiently teaching me how to construct our soundscape on the program Q lab. It has been great to gain a working knowledge of this program that I have never used before, and to be able to produce a piece of work in a new medium. Eleanor sat in and together we worked out sequencing ideas of the sounds as we went along.

We are going to focus now on sending out invites to the new dates for the show to as many people as we can, so as by the law of averages we will have some attendees 🙂

It was both a productive and tiring week.

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