To be or not to be..

Wednesday 10 April- Eleanor
This morning being lovely Rach and I took a left turn and had our state of the nation meeting outdoors. Just prior to this one of the nurses had told me of the passing of one of the ladies who had been eleven years in their care. There were tears in her eyes. The same lady was a bright-eyed, witty person, who was a constant source of inspiration to me over the years. I am writing this at home where lambs gambol in the field across the road…exactly as described by another lady resident who knowledge of Nature is unparalled..including humans!
Anyway, Rach and I worked out the logistics re installation of the work in Glór. I rang Eddie and all is in hand. It is a relief to us both, to know there will be a guiding hand in that department, while we concentrate on the positioning of the combined media. Rach asked one of the staff if she could possibly find out about residents who may not be able to communicate as well as others, to find a way for her to portray something of importance to them. There is always a way.. if one wants to find it. Rach is always so kind and inclusive. I had an Eureka moment during the week, while talking to residents. I think I have a ‘voice’. We’ll see…
As one of my heroes, Bruce Springsteen puts it
‘You don’t know what you’re doing til you’re done’.
Indeed! 🙂
Just as I was about to send this off, Theresa, one of the activities staff rang me.. she has sourced a Holy Water bottle and a statue of The Infant of Prague , already!.. after I just asked her this am to keep an eye out for material that residents might have on bedside lockers. She’s great. I will have to explain the Infant’s nomenclature to Rach.. as, no more than myself, she is not card-carrying :-):-)
Screenshot 2019-04-10 20.19.49
Statue of The Infant Of Prague

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