Getting closer..


Above is a hastily put together graphic for Glor website. We had to send on photos and some text to update the website with details of the upcoming show in May. Actually we were both quite happy with how this looks- the long corridor of St Josephs draws you in and the circle is our nod to the projects name. I chose a restrained font to keep the connotations contemporary.

Today was a decision-making session.

When to schedule our in-house feedback session with residents: 3 April was agreed. We will set up in the sunroom and play some of our sound scape and hang some of the memory wall. We hope residents can give us some feedback on how this looks and what they think.

Performance times for Glor show: we agreed 2pm on the Friday and Saturday.

As we were exiting St Josephs we came across Roger the caretaker. He agreed to look for some out of use bedside lockers that we could borrow as plinths for the show.

Now to draw more memory wall pieces, and finish compiling the soundscape..


Using the same logo idea with Eleanor’s beautiful twilight photo..

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