And grace as well as peace, comes dropping slow. Eleanor.

This morning was an Eureka moment for me..Rach and i were having our usual ‘ state of the union’ meeting before doing down to the wards to meet residents. i was thinking of our piece working on two simultaneous a good book when one rereads it and finds hidden depths. so I was toying with the idea of objects etc being placed in the art installation space, when Rach came up with the idea of bedside lockers being there in situ…I loved the idea immediately because it ties in with my own artistic methodology which is to juxtapose seeming incompatible people, scenes , objects, ideas etc in order to ‘see’ more clearly and also, taking an object out of its familiar surroundings it..and you the viewer or participant are transformed and led to a ‘new way of seeing ( with respect to John Berger)…it’s rather like E.M. Pei’s  revolutionary concept of building a glass pyramid within the pre mediaeval Louvre architectural bold stroke which had ‘le tout Paris’ up in arms, but turned out to be inspired.
A bedside table in St Josephs Hospital
We are not in the same league as the Louvre, but the premise is the same.

Then…that brought me to thinking of a way to engage in performance by placing objects in the space..back in the days of my training as an actor in the Stanislavski method, object and sense memory exercises were de rigueur..and I thought of a way of encompassing my performance with residents at its core..also the work of Marina Abramovitch, in particular the piece she did, i think in New York where she sat at a table and engaged with strangers etc etc.also played its part.

IMG-1659 (1)
Bedside Table, St Josephs Hospital

Rach and I took off to visit some high good form..both them and us and we photographed, with their permission the ‘ world beside their beds..and we felt privileged to know and be welcomed by these wonderful people, who in their seeming simplicity, have so enriched so many ways.

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