Visit 30 January

Eleanor and I tucked ourselves away in a small dining room for a tactical meeting re what, how, when, and where regarding the work so far.

What: we’ve collected and made so far, and what remains to be collected

How: the practicalities of how we will put together and create the rest of the work for the exhibition

When: when we will do this and for what dates

Where- this will be done- in St Josephs, my studio, Glór and several off site locations to collect a few more images and sounds.

We spent an hour getting this worked out, had a quick walk around and said hello to a few people, then caught a couple of residents in the hair salon. Eleanor took some great photos, see below:


And we talked about the type of visual imagery we want to get for the slideshow. It will involve some shots of residents and staff, and some of the hospital and its surrounds that convey the ambience and atmosphere at different times of the day. See below:

I am thinking about other ways to portray the residents as well as photos- I dmade a drawing from photo Eleanor took- the idea is to give an idea of the atmosphere and the moment but not to make the drawing too personal or identifiable. I would like the residents to recognise parts of their daily lives and routines from these drawings but not necessarily to recognise themselves or their fellow residents literally from the drawing. That is why drawing is such a great transformatve tool. See below:

Hands with rosary
Salon time

I am going to motor away with the memory wall panels in my studio and we are planning to access Glór if we can in a couple of weeks time,  to sound check our preliminary sound scape in the studio to hear how it sounds over the amps. I will string together some of our sound files using the software that Eddie from Glór kindly taught me how to navigate, and we will use this as our starting point for our soundscape. Eleanor is collecting visuals and the remaining sounds we need we will collect between us. It’s exciting as now we are starting to see the project come together and the fruits of our labours materialise.

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